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Thread: how do you all attach stuff to glass?

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    Default how do you all attach stuff to glass?

    Since I want these tanks to be pretty, but easy to clean, I dont know how to add stuff like vines or plastic/silk plants so I can remove them and clean them up.. Suction cups usually suck. Anyway what do you use?
    I thought about magnets, but would probably have to order some so they would be strong enough. A couple of the geckos are big pudgers so keeping that in mind, I need sturdy.

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    I use suction cups. So far, they've worked. You can get magnetically too.
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    I use suction cups, but I add O-rings to some of them that I can put around stems of fake plants or flowers. I also position flowers and greenery in nooks and crannies between wood, vines and cork or hides, and those are easy to remove for cleaning. The food ledges and mushroom ledges came with magnets. Something else I have found useful is to buy "decorations" from the aquarium sections at the pet store and use those for climbers/hides in my tank, as they are waterproof and are also easy to clean.

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