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Thread: SO a 29 gallon vertical should work for life right?

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    Default SO a 29 gallon vertical should work for life right?

    So I have 3, 29 gallon aquariums, I just made two screen doors so I can use them vertically, only have to make one more door.

    These should be good for cresties for life right? Also are males more active then females or other way round?
    I know my male leopard geckos were always more active then my females. Just trying to decide who gets the bigger cages until I can upgrade the other three. two of my females are overweight so they get it if there isnt any difference in activity level.

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    No difference in my experience. 29 should be fine, unless they get larger then normal.
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    There is no difference in activity I don't think. It all just depends on the gecko. Unless some serious gecko researcher out there has done piles and piles upon piles of testing and research, ha ha ha, I think it is just a 50/50 thing. All depends on the gecko.
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