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Thread: Meet Demona!

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    Default Meet Demona!

    Hello Everyone, I would like you to meet my very first Gargoyle Demona! I believe she is a superstripe.
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    I was just curious to get some opinions from you folks. She lives in a live vivarium with 3 begonias, 2 african violets, 1 fake plant, 2 pieces of drift wood, a mushroom platform and a gecko ledge. The substrate is Reptisoil and Moss. The enclosure is 18x18x18 with cork background, 2 thermometers and 1 hygrometer. She has a 50w red heat bulb and a UVB/Fluorescent light set up that is on during the day. Humidity is 70% until sprayed and then maintains at 90% for several hours. Temp is 74-75 in hot corner, 65-70 in the cold, and 80-82 right in basking area under the lamp. Pretty sure she is all covered as far as enclosure goes.
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    So I was curious to know if a feeding habit of hers is normal. She will not eat crickets. I have left them in there but she shows no interest. Have other folks found that their Gargs do not like crickets?

    In addition I feed her the Repashy Crested Diet with Repti-cal added in. She will eat 1tsp every 2-3 days. Now I ave a gecko ledge to feed her, however even if I leave the food on the ledge she seems to ignore it. I don't want her to wait too long to eat so I tried offering her food by hand and she eats readily every time. I just need to hold the dish until she is done. I find it to be nice social time, but I was curious if others have seen this action? I was also curious to know if anyone else uses the Gecko Ledge to feed these guys and if so has it been successful? I am a veterinarian who sees all animals including exotics (please no vet questions, this is my hobby away from work) and I am pretty confident she is getting all she needs, I was just wondering if anyone else has a Garg with the same quirks. Any advice, comments etc are appreciated.
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    Set up and animal look great! Shes a beauty. I would suggest to just keep on offering food on the ledge, maybe dab a drop of honey on the rim.

    I have a crested that will refuse to eat from the mag-ledge consistently unless it has some foliage/security around and over it though. So you may try that as well. And try smaller crickets, even though you may be offering appropriately sized prey, the gecko may still find them a little intimidating.

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    I find it quite common for gargs to ignore crickets, especially if they are small (more on that below). Most of my adults show a distinct preference for dubia roaches and other large prey items. I have a couple adult animals I purchased as adults from others who will not eat bugs. I offer these animals a large variety of CGD including any formulas with insects (Repashy superblend, Pangea w/insects, Pangea breeder, etc).

    Repashy is fully balanced, you do not need to add extra calcium to it. You might want to try offering variety in CGD diets if she is not going for insects yet. IE try Pangea, BPZ etc.

    I would suggest that you stop hand feeding. Some can get into a very stubborn pattern with this. Let her eat on her own, even if it takes a bit to get going.

    Quote Originally Posted by plu7o View Post
    And try smaller crickets, even though you may be offering appropriately sized prey, the gecko may still find them a little intimidating.
    I disagree with this. My experience with gargoyles has been that they will quite often ignore small prey items, and this becomes more common the larger the garg gets. These aren't geckos who are easily intimidated by food items - they are aggressive eaters who prefer substantial prey. I have adults who love bugs but ignore even full grown crickets. It's hard to tell from the photos, but this does not look like a small juvie to me. Unless OP has something else to feed tiny crickets to, they will most likely go to waste if purchased.

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    That's a super stripe all the way! Congratulations Ilatros! Plus I agree with Niffarious, tiny crickets aren't the best at this stage.


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