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Thread: Finally got a couple of pics of some of the new geckos.

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    I love Thorn's head, he is gorgeous! Photo is a bit blurry but he looks like he could be a red phantom rather than patternless as it looks like he has raised pinstripe scales(?).

    Squeek is a yellow phantom partial pinner with dal spots. She does have some extra there with the pigmentation on the dorsal side of her pinstripe scales that is not a particularly common trait, but this is actually not reverse pinning. Reverse pinning is when a dark line runs *under* the pinstripe, very high on the laterals, and seems to be related to brindling/tiger expression.

    What Squeek has here is less common and I have heard of it as referred to a "dark marking trait" or "inverse pinning" (I like the latter), but not common enough for people to use the term much. I have a girl with a smidge of it and a male with more. This "inverse" pinning seems to tend to run from the head on the inside of the corner crests, along the edge of the pinstripe on the dorsum (not the laterals). Lower expression shows it just on the head, but can continue to tail. It can occur independently or together with reverse pinning.

    Some pics for reference. One girl with neither reverse nor inverse pinning:

    Reverse pinstripes, notice the dark line under the pinstripe scales, on the side wall of the gecko:

    Another extreme example of reverse pinning, on a young brindle phantom quad pinner:

    One of my guys with both reverse and inverse pinning. His reverse pinstripe colors, along with the low expression brindle markings are orange. The inverse pinning is the dark brown running *on top* of his head starting just behind the eyes, down to part of his dorsum alongside the crests/pinstripe scales. It is darkest right around the nape of his neck, like your girl, though Squeek seems to have hers run further down the dorsum:

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    Wow those are some awesome looking cresties, that quad pinner is amazing. Thanks for clearing that up about the reverse pinner..

    I doubt I will breed miss chunk at all, she is such a fatty she probably wouldnt
    I think I will be looking around for a nice girl for Thorn. And the two dalmations I will breed, but Squeek had several clutches for the previous owner last year with Pippin.


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