Hi all, first post to the forum and my first Gargoyle! This is Demona! Our beautiful super-striped girl!
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I was hoping to post a little bit about her habitat and her habits and ensure that they are normal if you all wouldn't mind the input. I have had her for a little over a week now and she seems to be doing well. She is in a 18x18x18 vivarium with a 50 watt red heat bulb and a UVB with fluorescent bulb across the back. She has two thermometers and a hygrometer. Her vivarium contains 2 drift wood pieces, gecko feeding ledge, mushroom ledge, cork backing, one plastic plant, 2 live African Violets, 3 live begonias. The soil is Repti-soil and there is moss covering the bottom. It is about 82 or so under heat lamp, 74-75 in hot corner and 65-70 in the colder section away from the heat lamp.
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She eats Repashy Crested diet with Repti-Cal mixed in. She eats about 1tsp every 2-3 days. I have tried multiple times to feed gut loaded crickets dusted with Ca and multi-vitamin but she shows no interest. I am trying to get her to use the gecko ledge feeding platform, but she seems to prefer to be hand fed. I have been afraid to not hand feed her and just leave the food on the ledge and hope she finds it. I am curious to know if this is a normal presentation with these guys or with anyone else? I should mention that I am also a veterinarian (PLEASE don't ask me vet related questions) who sees exotic animals a lot so I am relatively confident her set up and care is fine, and I do not mind hand feeding her as it is good social time. I was just curious to know if what I am observing is normal as she is my first Garg. Thanks in advance for all the information and opinions on her set up.
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