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    In the mist of cleaning out the tanks I started to wonder.... why do we use bamboo (or anything cylinder in shape and so narrow)? I get that it is supposed to mimic tree branches but does it have to be so thin or in general, round? Is there something physically that doesnt allow us to use something else ... like boards? Ive searched and asked in sooooo many forums and no one can actually answer me... Can someone here?


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    I think it's cause a large or small tube of cork/bamboo is more natural and comfortable to lay on than a flat board of wood
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    I agree with lastcreature, also, I don't think a gecko can stick as good to a flat board as they can a round piece.
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    Some of my gecko's LOVE to bask on just a flat surface underneath. But when I buy hides, I make sure that it's either narrow, or has a small entrance/opening as this helps them to feel more secure. And it makes it dark. I guess you could get creative with it and make your own DIY ideas yourself too. I think that bamboo is just attractive and looks exotic so pet supply manufacturers just take advantage of that. There also is a lot of bamboo type decor on the market so everyone can easily buy it, plus, it is usually inexpensive.
    That is what I think anyways.
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