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Thread: What is the time gap between your clutches? Shortest and Longest?

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    Default What is the time gap between your clutches? Shortest and Longest?

    How many days between clutches for your breeding females have you guys observed. Just curious, I have had a total of 5 female, 4 of them were 28-32 days. Just recently had a female (first time breeder) that laying another fertile clutch after just 24 days from previous clutch. She has been consistence at 28-29 days for her 1st three clutches. Let me know in post or poll. Thanks!

    I had a few clutches that were over 32 days, but never under 28 days.

    What is your shortest, average, longest gap in between and whether it was first-time breeder or not?
    Might as well also ask lightest and heaviest egg weight upon laid. Mine were 1.6g and 2.2g.
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    She is a first the breeder, and she laid anywhere from the 5th to 15th each month, although, most ever age was closer to the 9th. So, I'd say anywhere from 28-35 days.
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    Too soon to give you exact numbers from almost all of my ladies most of them just laid their first clutches of the season last month or within this one so I am awaiting their second sets at the moment.
    I cannot remember the exact dates for last year (and tossed out the information after the babies hatched from their eggs) but they were all around 30 days apart plus or minus a few days.

    This is an interesting read from one of the mods though...
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