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Thread: Need rosy boa name ideas

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    Default Need rosy boa name ideas

    I'm on my way to pick up this beautiful girl ( or so I'm told it's a girl) she's about two months old. Traditionally I name all my animals after video games for example our dog's name is link. But nothing's coming to mind it doesn't have to be that, just need some name suggestions!

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    Also she is a pioneertown

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    I think I'm going to name her mifa from the new Zelda game LOL

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    She is beautiful!! I personally like Zelda as a name more then Mifa, but Mifa is nice too. Congrats! Again, she is gorgeous. And I'm not a big fan of Rosie's, but she is pretty.
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    Mipha* sorry my phone changed it. Also I don't think I'll ever actually name one of my animals Zelda call me a hipster LOL same reason we didn't name our dog Zelda.

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    Omg she's home and I'm absolutely in love with her I have literally wanted a rosy boa my entire life


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