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Thread: Ifra red lighting?

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    Default Ifra red lighting?

    Guys wats ur opinions on the exo terra ifra red lights for night time viewing and mainting a better temp during the night. I got one with my set up so wondering if it disrupt day night cycle of the crestie

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    There have been a couple studies showing cresteds can see red light or can't see it but can still see light. My babies will chase around a red lazer light proving they can see red somehow so a bright red light on all night definitely would disturb them quite a bit. Try the exo terra blue night bulb. It's a deep blue that isn't super bright due to how dark the color is but is perfect for night viewing and a bit of extra heat. I used to have a couple on adult tanks before I went to tubs and got a space heater for my reptile room and they seemed to really like it. Didn't bother them one bit
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    Cheers . The blue lights look better


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