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That's awesome! How do you come up with your names?

After looking at your pictures the hundredth time, I come to favorite Balrog too. Lmfao. One question- do leachies drop their tails?
For names on the leachies, we've kept with fictional monsters. The crazier the better. LOL
The crested and gargs are kind of random but also not... Cresties are Bonzai, Chaos and Orion. Gargs are LeeLoo, Korben, Ifrit, Dorito and Arwen. The leopard gecko is Numinex. The sarasinorum gecko is Rorschach. And the Chahoua gecko is Spooky. Most are related to how they look or something about them. For instance, the chewie was hatched on Halloween so he/she is Spooky. Dorito looks like she's got Dorito's dust smeared all down her back.
And yes, Leachies can drop their tails. It's just really uncommon because they are a species that will fight back rather than drop their tail and run. Of course they do grow their tails back and you can barely tell it's a regrown tail. I've even seen a leachie that hatched out without a tail. In this instance because the gecko formed without one, it didn't "grow it back".