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Thread: Whites Tree Frogs Humidity?

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    Default Whites Tree Frogs Humidity?

    I can't find a clear cut question, but what is the normal humidity for them? I want to keep it at steady level of 50%. But it fluctuates so rapdily sometimes and im not even misting anymore. When i left it was at 60 now its at 75?! It doesnt seem to bother them but better be safe then sorry. I don't have any live plants within the terrarium. Just the zoo med brick substrate. I can't figure out why its just so humid. It's like 68 degrees outside. Im using the exo terra 18x18x24 terrarium for them. I dont really think its ventilation since theres nothing on the screen top? Im at a loss here.

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    Probably just excess moisture in the substrate evaporating at different/warmer times in the day? Is it in or near direct sunlight? As long as its not prolonged periods of super high humidity its probably not a problem. Keeping them at around 50% with fresh water offered should be fine.


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