Beantown Geckos whole crested gecko collection sale!! There are still 6 high end adult crested geckos available (3.3). They are all for sale individually but if bought in pairs they will be discounted! You can see an individual album of each gecko on my Facebook page under photos. The link is in my signature.

Name:  13912839_1235052896518324_1850463141647426118_n.jpg
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Size:  80.6 KB Winston $200

Name:  13076993_1172637372759877_3909582469802821785_n.jpg
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Size:  81.2 KB Cadbury $300/$200 if bought as a pair with Winston

Name:  13872948_1235053109851636_3295279030110541789_n.jpg
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Size:  87.8 KB King Arthur $350

Name:  13876543_1235054726518141_7879686245410064170_n.jpg
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Size:  72.7 KB Cookies n' Cream $400/$300 if bought as a pair with King Arthur *slight tail kink but does not affect breeding

Name:  13912481_1235053206518293_2427676136458961404_n 2.37.10 PM.jpg
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Size:  62.0 KB Pikachu $400

Name:  14117883_1257109250979355_8451153313185077908_n 8.45.14 AM.jpg
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Size:  72.5 KB Buttercup $300/$200 if bought as a pair with Pikachu

If interested you can PM me or email me at