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    Hey all, my first post female is 36 grams and my male is 51 grams.... are they to far apart in weight to attempt copulation?

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    I've done lot of research on these geckos but breeding is a new territory for me. I'm not looking for perfection.....

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    Hi ideally the closer they are in weight the better.
    One may reject the other due to the size difference but ? maybe not.
    There is always the risk of injury which I guess is greater with a larger size difference.
    Personally I would want any female that I was going to breed to be greater than 40-45g as once mated she is likely to lay pairs of eggs all season & that can take it quite a bit out of the female & she can lose quite a bit of weight.
    These are just my views so other breeders views may differ.
    Worth checking her calcium stores too.
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    Thanks, for the reply I also feel like she could put on some more weight as well!


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