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Thread: New garg placement

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    Default New garg placement

    I just got a new gargoyle gecko and am wanting to put the tank next to my whites tree frog tank. He is extremely active at night and bangs into everything jumping around. Is this going to freak out my garg? I don't really know the gargoyles personality yet and he is pretty much staying in the leaves in his tank.

    So what would you do?

    A) find a completely different place for the garg
    B) put cardboard between the tanks so they can't see each other
    C) they will be fine next to each other.

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    I would just make sure the tanks/terrariums are a little bit apart (even like a cm will do it) as to not bump/move the plants or accessories in your gargoyles tank. Because that could startle him. Other than that I would FOR SURE put a strip of cardboard between them and then, you would be all good to go!
    I am assuming that you are giving him the recommended few weeks to adjust to his new settings..? (acclimate) You know sounds, sights, smells, and all. And that handling is avoided unless ABSOLUTELY necessary (besides moving him to clean tank and etc.), as to not cause him any stress. Because reality is, he is already stressed out.
    I hope that this helped in any way, shape, or form!
    Good luck with your new gargoyle! Hope that his personality starts to show!

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