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Thread: How often should you be feeding crickets to your crested?

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    Default How often should you be feeding crickets to your crested?


    My gecko is now old enough to start having crickets implemented into its diet.

    My crested is about 3 months old and weigh 4 grams. I just came home from the pet-store where i bought a couple of baby crickets along with some calcium powder. But how often should you be feeding your crested with crickets? Wherever i read people always suggests different things. Some say twice a week while other says once a month so i really dont know what to go for. I know that cgd should make up for most of the diet. What has worked best for your cresteds during their time as juveniles?


    Edit: I'll be gut loading the crickets of course.

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    It really depends on your preference. Since they don't really need to be offered crickets you have to decide if you want them to be a regular part of your cresties diet or simply a treat which is why some may choose only monthly offering.
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    They are old enough to eat crickets after they hatch and shed out. Once or twice a week feedings are great for growth and improved feed response. You can taper off the cricket feeding a bit as they get older. I prefer to offer crickets twice a month to adults.


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