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    Hello everyone I have a few proven females, proven males, and baby's that are for sale. They all are eating in Pangea complete watermelon and bugs. I will trade but only for red/orange Gargs or leachie. My number is 12243838410 text with any questions. I also have more available.

    Take my whole collection and I would be able to do 3.13.55 which would be 3 males, 13 females, and 55 baby's. I would also include indivisible cages for all baby's, 7/8 Exo Terra's/zoomeds, 10 gallon tank, bunch of bins, racks that hold them, and everything else gecko related that I have. My asking price for everything would be 3400$ obo.

    Also got in 4 females that are 100$ each.
    Almost rtb tiger 100$
    Almost rtb yellowish phantom 100$
    Almost rtb reddish orangish tiger 100$
    Almost rtb partial pinstripe 100$

    Almost full pinner rapashey lines proven 200$
    Almost full pin with lots of pattern but had fts 175$
    Proven full pinstripe Roccos Rhacs 200$
    Proven Harley from aritonic 170$
    Proven harly partial pin red Ac lines 225$
    Proven Harley partial Lin red Ac lines 225$
    Proven cream Harley 160$
    Proven cream Harley with a lot of spots 160$

    Proven quadstripe scardy cat geckos fts 125$
    Proven full pinner Roccos Rhacs 150$
    Proven red Harley aritonic 175$

    Chicago pick up
    Only no shipping sorry

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    Rtb tiger sold. Almost full pin fts sold. Proven Ac female sold. 40 baby's left would do all 40 for 1200. Can easily sell individually and get about 2000 of not more. Can bring to tinley or aae as well.


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