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Thread: Help me sex my gecko

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    Hi my crested gecko is about 5 month old and not sure of the sex can someone help me judging from my research I think it's female what do you guys think? Name:  IMG_1851.jpg
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    How much does your little one weigh? You usually cnt see pores until 8+grams. Some males are late bloomers and don't show pores till 15 grams. Rarely can you see pores under 8 grams(though it's possible).
    Due to the extreme growth rate differences with cresteds we'd need to know it's weight. At 5 months it's probably 3-7 grams
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    Like Nova asked, what is the weight? There might be possible pores and the scales look more male-shaped, but with the quality of the photo it is not definite and those may be pseudopores. I am leaning male, but you will need to wait longer and/or get a much clearer close-up photo to get a higher percentage certainty.
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    what the others asked- what does it weigh? Im with Sasha on this one... Im leaning toward male, but to be certain we need a clearer picture.
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