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Thread: Sealing custom hide

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    Question Sealing custom hide

    Hello, I am going to buy a couple of cresties very soon, and I decided I wanted to make custom hides for them. I got the idea from a YouTube video:

    I bought two types of Styrofoam, the type with all the little white balls that get everywhere and the rough less messy kind. I used to rough kind to make a nice cave with built in water and food bowl holders. I then painted it with acrylic paint. I didn't cover the entire thing, just the part you can see. I want to seal it with something, but I can only find sealers with acetone. I want something that won't melt my project and that will be waterproof and safe for the gecko.

    I tested some sealer that I had on scrap pieces of Styrofoam but they both melted. :/

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    Use a water based polyurethane.
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