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    Hi all, well as previously discussed, we've planned to breed 2 of my geckos for our first season. Well last night I introduced my male to the female and he seemed completely uninterested and she did a threat display so we removed the two. We realized it was a bad idea to put him in her territory.

    Today, we put them in a large empty open tub together and observed. To begin with they explored about and walked by each other with no aggression which was a huge improvement from last night. They didn't seem to mind the other at all.

    Then after some time he seemed to realized what she was and came over to her. He rubbed his head on hers and she circled around by his tail and he stuck his junk out and licked it. (So sexy). At this point she came back around to him and put her head under his. He then grasped onto her arm and then her crests and started to make some noise.

    The question occurs here. I've watched a lot of videos of mating, (I promise I'm not a gecko perv) and it seemed like the female should respond differently than mine did at this point. The male bit her and she didn't make a rejection noise but she shook her tail and vibrated it rather violently, is this a good sign or a sign that I should separate them?

    She continued to vibrate her tail like this. She didn't seem to really run away or make any aggressive noises, she also didn't attempt to bite him or anything. We removed them because we were unsure and decided we would try again this evening.

    Is that behavior normal for the female or was it right of me to remove them? Any advice would be much appreciated as I've found a lot of information about pre mating and post mating but very little about what actually occurs throughout.

    Thank you in advance for the information about ze hot gecko sex.

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    Yeah I've seen females do that before as well. Just keep a close eye on them and if she still vibrates her tail after he's got his tail under hers then I'd separate as I have personally had females drop their tail that exact way. I think she's just being cautious and letting him know she can attack him at anytime (but knowing males, he wouldn't care)
    She seems receptive considering she didn't bite back or shake her head and squeek. Try putting them both in a freshly cleaned viv (all plants also cleaned) and have them at opposite ends of the viv. Wait a night and check on them both in the morning for any injury (I've had agressive males rip females crests while mating) and have them out together in the big tub again. If they are both injury free then keep them in the viv together and check again the next day for any injury. I do this daily and keep them together for an average of 5 nights. They do most of their private stuff at night, you may occasionally hear vocalizations from the make if you stay up late enough (it's actually really cool to hear them!)

    Good luck! If you have anymore questions feel free to ask!
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