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Thread: Infected gecko?

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    Default Infected gecko?

    A few days ago I noticed a patch of red infected scales on my crested gecko ' s lower abdomen near his vent. His stoles are normal and he's eating fine so I don't think it's a parasite. I gave him a soaking bath to see if the redness would go down but it remains the same. This may be a bacterial skin infection due to his humidifier being too high at night, but I'm not sure that's why I'm here.
    Here is a picture
    Crested gecko infection?
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    It looks like some cluster spotting. Probably nothing to worry about. If it spreads, or just as a precaution, you can spray the area with colloidal silver.

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    What kind of substrate are you using and humidity levels over the course of the day? This kind of thing happens mostly when they are sitting on wet surfaces for too long. I would suggest keeping on paper towel, when you mist only do so on tank sides and furnishings, but not the paper towel itself, and make sure there are several hours of dry-out time around 50-60% humidity. I would change paper towel frequently while you try to get this resolved so it stays clean, as well. You can use an antiseptic such as dilute betadine (dilute till color of light tea) or chlorhexidine solution (dilute till barely can tell it is blue) as a soak twice a day, but make sure it stays dry between treatments. If it worsens (especially if it becomes open/oozy), a vet visit would be best.
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