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Thread: Day 3 with my first Cresty Nero

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    Default Day 3 with my first Cresty Nero

    So far i think everythings good.Yesterday he was shedding and my gf freaked out when she saw Nero pale and white xD but i told her that hes shedding so no problem there and later that night he finished shedding and when i looked him around he did a perfect shed.I didn't see leftovers on hes toes nor on hes tail but i will check it later or tomorrow when i do a house clean cause im adding new things in hes house.So far im trying to restrain myself from handling him right away but i did have to check him that hes shed went well so i don't count that handling :P and on first day ofc when we introduced
    He ate on first day but because i hand feeded it but i won't do it again till he learns to eat from hes own and on second day he ate hes shed anyways and today at night i will put in some repashy.By the way on shedding day he drinked a lot but there is no problem with humidity cause in the morning and at night its 80-100% and between day and nights its on 50% and i don't let it drop below it cause i was reading that high humidity is needed only in the morning and specially at night cause thats when hes active and a dryout period is needed but should never drop below 50-40% or am i wrong ? By the way here he is Name:  16266357_1238357106249908_1471456031132322603_n.jpg
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    Your humidity sounds good, and Nero looks cute and quite healthy. Wait at least a week before you handle him, but if he is eating consistently, you can start with brief handling periods afterwards. My geckos seem to respond better to short but regular handling (5-10 minutes every 1-2 days). None of them is very skittish, but they do not seem to 'watch TV with me' either, and they usually try to run and hide if I have them out for 20 min +
    Congratulations on your first crestie! They are so much fun to keep :-).
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