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Thread: Weird substance coming from gecko

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    Default Weird substance coming from gecko

    Hi all.

    I got a couple geckos about 3 weeks ago and recently I've seen something concerning regarding the female I acquired.
    Once a couple days ago, I found a clear stringy material coming from her mouth. I pulled it out but it kept coming, and wound up being ~ 4 inches. I was alarmed and very confused. To me, it resembled hot glue the most. I got lots of new plants and when looking through the cage, I noticed some similar strings of what I imagined was hot glue. I tried clearing the tank of the strands and figured she was fine. However, today I was holding her and discovered some more, but this time, it was coming from her butt. I'm getting really worried that there could be some underlying issue and it's not just hot glue. I feed her Pangea and have given crickets her crickets twice.
    The plants I've gotten are:
    If it is hot glue strands, how do I go about the situation? She seems to be eating, as she has gained about 5 grams since we got her.
    Do you have any clues as to what it could be other than hot glue?

    Thank you all for the help.

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    Could be eating the glue strands while lapping up water off the leaves. I once had a gecko accidentally eat a hair and had to pull it out its rear end, it was not find for either of us.
    Just make sure to wash all those plants really well and to triple check them all over and remove any stringy bits. She should just poop it out in time. If it continues even after a few poops and you're sure there is no stringy bits left in the tank then I'd get a fecal done at a vet.
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