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    Hello! So im new to this website but i wanted to get some advice from people who know more about what theyre doing than i do because im kinda clueless right now. recently i took in my boyfriends crested gecko because he hasnt had time for it and i noticed how sickly he appears (really bad shedding for weeks at a time, hardly eats, shakes when held, non sticky feet, etc) his name is maco and i love him and plan on taking him to the vet next week but wanted to check in here first.

    So i think it may be a calcium deficiency havent checked the sacs on the roof of his mouth yet. But he seems to have gotten a bit more energetic but will only eat when hand fed. Please help😞

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    So i checked his sacs and theyre not depleted so im kinda at a loss here

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    Pictures would help us see if there is another issue. Bad sheds can be from having a poor humidity cycle. Not eating can be improper temps or sickness. He could have parasites too.

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