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Thread: Gargoyle in a 20g long

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    Default Gargoyle in a 20g long

    Hi, im planing on getting a lizard soon for the old 20 gallon long fishtank i have and i really want to get a Gargoyle gecko, i'm sure this question has probably been asked before but would it possible to happily keep one in it if i added a lot of branches, vines and ledges?

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    You would have to turn it upright, to make it vertical/tall instead of low and long.

    IMO, 20 gallons is a bit small for a gargoyle gecko once full grown. Any of my geckos over 2 years are 50+ grams...and my older animals are all over 65g. I keep my larger animals in 18x18x24 Exo Terra or equivalent...and they use every inch of that space. '

    So, yes if you turn it upright, it will be OK for a while - but I believe too small for an adult in the long term.


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