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Thread: Why is my gecko a brat?

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    Default Why is my gecko a brat?

    Hi. So, I'm new here. I have a gargoyle gecko who is about a year old and I've had him a few months and he is an absolute brat. What am I doing wrong? I feel like he hates me.
    He doesn't want to eat ANYTHING except the powder food and the breeder I got him from told me he would be happy to have a treat every now and then such as mashed mangos, bananas, or strawberries. Nope! He acts like it's the most disgusting thing ever.
    He seems to hate me interacting with him at all. Mind you, I do it daily. Anytime I open his tank I talk to him, pet him (which he doesn't seem to like), and he looks at me like I'm satan. And God forbid I mist his cage (which I do twice a day) HE LOATHES IT. I just did it as I was feeding him and I love to watch him to make sure he eats (he is in the living room and I just keep an eye on him, I don't stare at him or anything) and he of course looked at me like I had just killed his entire family but now he's just as happy as can be climbing around licking water droplets and I just don't get what I'm doing wrong guys.

    Maybe I'm expecting too much of a bond from him? Am I just being an awful gecko mom? I'm not sure.

    Also, how can I tell if he's an appropriate weight? I feel like he's too thin and idk how to fatten him up since he doesn't seem to want to eat.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Have you tried feeding insects of any sort? Just him eating the powder diet is ok.

    I do belive you are expecting too much emotion from your reptile. They really could care less about us lol. I've had my garg for just over 2 years now and she still doesn't care for me. She tolerates me, that's about it. I don't think your a bad gecko mom at all, it sounds like you're doing all you can and just happen to have a picky gecko

    You will need a gram scale (bought at target for like 11 bucks. That's where I got mine) to monitor his weight, which you should make a habit of, as their weight is one of the first things that can aid you in identifying if your gecko is healthy or not.
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    The powdered food is fine. Forget the fruits. Try crickets, dubia roaches, or Phoenix worms. If he likes those, it might boost his appetite for the CGD as well. (Which kind are you using, btw?)

    I too, think you're expecting too much. Geckos don't usually "bond", but tolerate handling. If he doesn't like to be petted, don't pet him, just talk softly, let him sit on your hand for a few minutes, then back in the tank. My TAD doesn't like being misted directly either, but if I can see him when I'm misting, I don't squirt directly at him.
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    I do not think that you are bad gecko mum. In fact i think you are great, just expecting too much in a short time. I agree if he doesen't want to be petted do not insist. I believe you are taking care of him the best way you can. Things will get better.

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    I agree with the other posters. Also, although I really have no experience with gargs, I know that cresties often go through a psycho phase when they're around 10-15 grams -- teenage hormones, etc. are probably to blame. If your gecko is in this size range, maybe it will grow out of its attitude sooner rather than later.
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