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    Default life with my mini pig....

    If you don't sleep with her, (put her in a kennel) expect to not to be able to go to sleep until she gets tired of whining and goes to sleep/30 minutes after you put her to bed. Expect to wake up in the middle of the night every 30 mintues to a screaming pig until you let her get into bed with you.

    If you do let her sleep with you, expect to be woken up at least twice in the night so she can have belly rubs. And when she wakes you up for the belly rubs, she has a few different ways of doing it;
    1. Lick you in the face.
    2. Oink/squeal.
    3. Bite your elbow.
    4. Root your side/hip. (this tickles like crazy)
    or 5. Lick or bite your toes.
    Sometimes, all 5.

    Oh, and you better get used to sleeping in one position; she likes to lay her head over your leg/arm, or sometimes likes to sleep almost directly ontop of your chest, and if you try to roll over, youll have oone angry pig. (she hates to get woken up).

    During the day, you better watch where youre walking! She enjoys following you around and likes to stay at your feet. I swear, Ill trip over her to my death one of these days.
    She begs for food. Whenever she gets mad at anything, she stomps away grunting.

    If you shake her treat jar, she comes RUNNIN! If she gets cold, she takes of running down the hall and into one of the rooms to stand in front of the heater, and when one side is nice and roasted, she turns so the other side will get warm! If she hears her name (Judy) but is unsure who said it, she will look around at everyone to see who is looking at her, and then she runs up to you and stays there until you greet her.

    When she is ready for bed, she will stand at your feet and grunt and grunt and root your legs/feet and climb up onto your leg. She loves to cuddle, but hates to be in the air.

    If there s something that she wants but you tell her no and wont tell her have it (i.e, dog/cat/human food) she turns into ittle "Im going to squeal and run toward whatever it is that Im wanting at full speed until I get it" Judy.
    Oh, she is also an escape artist. She can get out of everything... But in the end, the good makes up for all the bad. And, you cant stay mad at her when she does this... its adorable! Its so cute to see a little 7 ibs. pig get so mad and stomp off the way she does. And for something that small to have so much voice! I swear, Im deaf over hear. lol.

    SO.... this is life with Judy.
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    .1.MINIPIG Judy(food&belly rub is kinda apig deal)
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