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Thread: Rankin Dragon or abnormally small Beardie?

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    Default Rankin Dragon or abnormally small Beardie?

    I am absolutely in love with the beautiful dragon I got. She is a little over a year old, and is maybe 8 or 9 inches long including tail (maybe shorter). She has some lovely patterning and colors! Thing is, I recently found out about Rankin Dragons, and am wondering if she might be one since she is so little. She has a great appetite, has already had a really good bowel movement, and seems to be doing great. The person who sold her to me said she was sold to him as a 'runt'.

    First time posting here... I think I added the pics right?




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    The pics did not show up.
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    Unfortunately, I don't know anything about bearded dragons, but I do know how to post pictures... Directly above the text box is a strip, on that strip you'll see a/A, AxA, B, I, U, font, size, A, , a world, letter, and a picture with a tree in it. Press the tree picture... Or you can use an image hosting site and copy and paste the url... Or click GO ADVANCED, which is located right near the POST AUICK REPLYING, after clicking that, scroll down a tad and press MANAGE ATTACHMENTS then go from there.
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