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Thread: 12 Crested Geckos for sale

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    Default 12 Crested Geckos for sale

    Young white Male $75.00
    Large grey/white male $150.00
    Black female with yellow partial pin $130.00
    Dalmatian female $120.00
    Dalmatian male $100.00
    Yellow and grey female $120.00
    yellow and grey male $75.00
    striped white and brown male $110.00
    red female with red and white dal spots $150.00
    large brownish red female $75.00
    white/grey female $75.00
    yellow brown flame male with dal spots $75.00
    you can email me at for pictures!
    Shipping is done by shipyourreptiles and I can quote you a shipping price if you give me your zip code and the amount of geckos you want to get.
    These geckos (besides the "young" one, he is about 1yr old) are about 3 years old and are ready to breed. I don't have specific weights on them but I can weigh them if you'd like me to. I do a %5 discount for 2, %10 for 3, %15 for 4, or %20 for 5 or more. If you buy all 12 it is $900+shipping. I can do payment plans and I can ship in the springtime, I need about 2 weeks to get shipping materials ready after you put a deposit down.

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    Not sure how to delete this thread but there aren't too many geckos left. Will update what's left. Please text me at 817-550-7888 for pictures. Thank you!
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    All of the above geckos except for 2 males are sold.
    Yellow and Grey male - $75
    White Flame subadult male - $50

    I also have 3 baby geckos for sale $120 each or $300 for all 3 (about 2 inches long, eating pangea)
    Probable female tricolor
    Probable female cream super dal
    Partial pinstripe (pores seen)


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