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Thread: Testing my makeshift lightbox

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    Default Testing my makeshift lightbox

    Yaya for cardboard boxes haha. Been meaning to make one for ages so I can actually get NICE pictures of my lovelies and I finally remembered to save a box to make some cuts.

    Not the grandest looking thing,, but I think Malakai made a great test subject. Sadly he wasn't fired up but I think the lighting thru the wax paper is pretty decent. I got to get a backdrop going and a floor so that ya don't see the nasty ductape. Need to work on keeping my hand steady too. motion blur parts bleh

    Is black the easiest backdrop to use? I feel white makes stuff TOO bright and because all my geckos are light colors (cent HB) they would blend too much into the bg
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    Looks awesome! And yeah a black background is good for light geckos and light for dark.
    I really want to get a light box, a mirror, and a black backdrop cause pics always look insanely awesome like that.
    Here's Matts piebald male crestie who he's proving out this season on the setup I want for pics
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    Would be great for light or dark geckos really.
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