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Thread: I lost my baby gecko.

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    Default I lost my baby gecko.

    Saturday night I had gotten a beautiful baby crested gecko less than two months old. I put him in his cage so he could get used to his new surroundings. Every hour I'd check in on him and make sure his humidity, temperature, and paper towels, were good. Then, around 5:00 am he pulled a Houdini. Both sides of the cage top were weighed down so there is absolutely no way he could have escaped. After 14 hours of searching I gave up and set up a 'trap'. I cut a water bottle in half (I made sure the edges were rounded. Don't want him to get cut.) And put the tip on the inside and filled it with fruit. Nothing was working, then last night I found his excrement in my laundry room behind the drier. I've torn everything apart and still haven't found him. Any suggestions? I'm extremely upset and haven't been getting any sleep due to him being missing. Thanks for the help.

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    Young cresties like bugs. Get a few mature crickets -- they'll be too big for the gecko to eat, but they do make noise -- and put them with some sliced veggies and a shallow dish or bottle cap of water in a transparent container such as a Kritter Keeper, and put that container near the gecko's cage. Leave the lights off near the cage. Periodically check the cricket box after dark to see if the gecko has become attracted to the crickets.

    (This worked for me with an escaped juvie a few years ago).
    3.4.0 Correlophus ciliatus (crested geckos)

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    Any good news to update OP?


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