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Thread: 20 gallon inverted or exo terra

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    Default 20 gallon inverted or exo terra

    Hi I was wondering what you would choose to keep an adult crested gecko in? I can get a 20 gallon long for lot cheaper than a exo terra but my concern is has anyone had any problems with cracks or tank falling because of how unstable they are when they become inverted?

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    I didn't try an inverted, but did buy the Exo Terra, and I love it because of the easy-access doors, the ventilation, and ease of putting a lamp and adding "extras" (thermometer/hygrometer, etc.) in it. I'm not much of a DYI person, but do understand the need for a budget. Since I'll have the Exo Terra for many years to come, I figured it was worth the investment.
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    I think Exo Terra is the way to go, but if you're on a budget then I guess the inverted would be best. The Exo Terra's are good quality and the big doors are amazing. If you decide to go with exo terra, go with the 18x18x24 as the 12x12x18 is a bit too small for a full grown crested. I think it is definitely worth the investment.

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    You could look for Exo terras on Craigslist or Kijiji. You can often get good deals on used tanks
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    I have a pile of exo's that I got for very cheap...I watch Craigslist and local reptile FB groups like a hawk.

    I much prefer them - their design is meant to be convenient, and they are!


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