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Thread: Building an enclosure

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    Default Building an enclosure

    Hi friends!

    I've been thinking about my long term crestie aspects for when my babes reach full size. I've been shopping for terrariums online and I've seen a lot of them are pretty expensive, or have really inconvenient dimensions (I'm a full time college student who lives in a boston apartment; space and money are issues). I've been looking at tutorials on how to build my own enclosure out of easily sources cheap materials, like PVC, and a thought struck me.

    Has anyone ever built an enclosure out of foam sheets?

    Working in horticulture, we used a lot of 1" and 2" thick foam to boost planters or ship things; it's inexpensive, an amazing insulator, and SUPER strong. Theoretically, I could spend less than $20 on foam, and buy a piece of acrylic for the door/possible side windows, as well as make it at my own personal dimensions, right?

    Any thoughts?

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    Is the foam easy to clean?
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    Yeah, it's a smooth surface. I'd make it into a vivarium, though, so much of it would be planted, and I'd use some spray foam for surface texture, etc. I'd coat the interior with black silicone or paint it, too, as the foam itself is pink.


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