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Thread: dent in gecko egg but baby still alive!! please help!!

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    Default dent in gecko egg but baby still alive!! please help!!

    Hi everyone, so I have had an egg incubating for about 1 month now, but recently the incubation media dried out when I was away for 2 days, when i got back from vacation, I noticed that one of the eggs had a large dent in it. The egg also is starting to turn yellow. But I was about to throw the egg away but i decided to candle the egg one last time, and I saw that the baby was alive and well and was moving around. Also a couple of springtails got into the incubation container, and they are crawling all over the egg. I've been making sure to keep the incubation media moist, but the dent is still in the egg. Should I just keep the incubation media moist and just wait to see what happens? or is there anything that I can do? Thanks in advance for any response

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    You can take a little section of damp papertowel and set it on the dent to help it fill out with moisture again. It can take a few days for the egg to get to normal plumpness, just change the papertowel frequently so it doesn't mold.
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    Change out the incubation media completely to get rid of the bugs, they win do harbor but can annoy the baby when it hatches. Make sure to have it at the proper moisture and not to have too much ventilation. Wet a piece of paper towel and squeeze the life out of it so there's no water left to be sqweezed out, then unfold it and gently lay it over the egg, change it out once a day to prevent mold until the egg is plump again, normally only takes a few hours but sometimes it takes longer
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    so in this case the dent is on the bottom of the egg so do I put the paper towel under the dent and the humidity will evaporate up into the egg?


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