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    Default Really scared crestie

    Hi there guys,

    At around september, I got a crested gecko. Its terrarium has the appropriate size and got enough plants in it. I change the food every one or two days and spray it twice a day (morning and evening). Past 31st of December he turned 1 year old. Huray!

    Up until this moment I've been very afraid to take my gecko out of his terrarium. I'm afraid he might get too jumpy and just hide somewhere in my room. But today I decided that I can't let him sit in his terrarium his entire life, so I took a gamble and tried to take him out. I tried real hard, but everytime my hand got even remotely close to him he sprinted to the other side of the terrarium like I was some kind of animal wanting to eat him.

    I would really like to try again later, but I'm afraid I'll traumatise him for life. Should I just let him sit in the terrarium for a little longer? Or should I try to pick him up every day so he could get used to human contact?

    Thanks in advance for your replies!


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    I see why you are worried. Handling a jumpy gecko can be tough but you need to start or he will probably not ever get used to you! I think the trick is to go slow. Since he's obviously so freaked out about handling, simply watch him. He will be able to see you but still feel safe. When my gecko was jumpy, this seemed to help a little, plus it's just plain fun to watch them move around. Or maybe he will ignore your presence. I'm not sure, my gecko just seems to notice if I am near. When you are ready, reach your hand slowly towards him and don't make any attempt to grab him. Just rest your hand near him and make sure he can see it so he doesn't feel like he is being snuck up on. If he doesn't bolt, try putting a tiny bit of honey, if you have any around, or CGD on your finger for him to lick. It will help him associate you with positive experiences. If you are going to offer honey, offer it very very spareingly as it's pure sugar. If he bolts even with just your hand in there, try again the next day and the next. If that seems to be working ok, you could try gently petting his back so he understands your touch doesn't mean predator. Once he gets used to that, you can either slowly pick up the object that he is on or gently put your finger up underneath his chest and lift him up so he walks onto you. If you can get him out of the tank, handle him above a table or couch or bed or something in case he wildly jumps. Letting him jump or walk from hand to hand is a fun way to keep him entertained and in an area that you can see him. Eventually, if you are persistent each day, he will become accustomed to this and be quite easy to handle. Also keep in mind that young geckos are notoriously jumpy but he will mellow as he gets older. I hope this helps some!

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    first thing first, you have to be comfortable with yourself and KNOW you can do it before he will ever calm down. second, start slow and talk to him in a sweet, firm and comforting voice- stick your hand in the cage and put it near him, that way hell get ued to your smell. once he calms down/afer a few times of doing that, put your hand in front of him and touch at the base of his tail so he will walk forward. he might jump and flip out, if so, just attemp to do that a few times/until he walks onto your hand. once that is conquered, you can take him out of the cage. if the cage is easy to move/light and small, move it to the floor and then take him out and sit on the floor. leave the cage door open and sit near the cage- this way if he does flip out, he probably ill just jump back to the safety of his home. eventually, you can just take him out, with the cage in place, and take him anywhere. unless, he is one of those "wild childs" and he wont tame up a whole lot. (I have one gec that only lets me hold him, therwise he will go bonkers, lol) I just reach in and sorta pick my gex up. what I do is, ake sure they know Im there, then just pick them up. I make sure I have my other hand right near them so once they are picked up I just move them over to my other hand and tada. make sure that if you do this though, its a few months from now and he is 100% okay with you. if you just leave him alone for a couple more weeks, he will probably be worse then he is now.
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    Thank you very much for both your responses. It really helps
    I'll try the things you mentioned, hopefully with success.

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