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    Hi guys,
    I got my crested gecko just over a month ago, she's about 4 months old weighs 11g and is 13cm long (started at 8g and 12 cm)
    I used to leave a milk lid of CGD in her tank every two days and she seemed to eat well, however she now lets me hand feed her with a syringe so I can see how much she's eating. Often between 0.3-0.5 ml every two days. She still has the milk lid left in her tank.
    I thought this was ok and gave her crickets once a week but since leaving her with my parents for two weeks they were very concerned about how much she was eating and growing. They also gave her crickets much more often then I did.

    Is this normal for a crestie? She's very active and is toileting fine.
    Sorry for the essay.

    Also if anyone has an idea as to what morph she is I would be most grateful, I've attached two pictures of her xxx
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    For morph I'd say flame partial pin with dal spots.

    I'd stop hand feeding all together, have the milk lid in her tank at all times but change it it with fresh food every 2nd night and crickets once a week.
    That's pretty massive for a 4 month old gecko, most 4 month Olds are 2-4 grams so you may have age a hit off, sounds more like 7-9 months depending on growth rate. Just go back to feeding crickets once a week and repashy/pangea daily, when hand feeding they'll usually stop eating from their dish and hold out to be hand fed, same with crickets, too many too often will lead them to not eat their CGD and to hold out for crickets so once or twice a week is best
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    So long as she is pooping, she is good. If she's pooping she's eating so there's absolutely no need to hand feed. I wouldn't worry, in fact I would stop hand feeding as it is unnecessary. If she is able to find the food, she will be fine. What size is her tank? At that age you don't want to keep them in too large of a tank or they have trouble finding the food. Crested geckos can take over 2 years to reach full weight so they do grow quite slow and each gecko grows at their own pace. A good feeding regimen to follow is Monday: fresh food, Tuesday: same food left in from Monday, Wednesday: remove old food put in fresh food, Thursday: same food left from Wednesday, Friday: remove old food put in fresh food, Saturday: same food left in from Friday, Sunday: remove old food and offer insects. This is just an example of what I usually do with my gecko. Keep in mind that your crested will also slow down eating in the winter because of the lower temps, but so long as the temp is in the high 60s or higher, your gecko should be perfectly fine. And are you 100% sure she is only 4 months old??? That is pretty big for a 4 month old I think, though I have not owned that young of a gecko. My gecko was that about that same weight, 12 grams, at a year old when I purchased him.

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    Hey guys,
    Thank you, I'll stop the hand feeding and defo go back to crickets once a week.
    When her normal tank is 60x45x60 cm and she appears to find her food fine as I regularly see her on her food canopy. In my parents house where she lives while I'm away, her temporary tank is much smaller 30x45x30cm. But she will only be in there for maximum 2 weeks at a time.

    As for her age I'm surprised you think she's big for a 4 month old. I brought her home 19th November from a shop with a great reputation for reptiles and they said she was about 3 months at the time but hadn't come from their normal breeder so they can't be 100% sure. Maybe I was just over thinking things :-/


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