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Thread: a little about this.... forum family.

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    Nice to "meet you", Daniel.
    I'm a 26 year old white male, 5'9" and 180lb. I have thinning dark brown hair and almost black eyes. (I'm sure that will help you pic me out of a crowd lol.
    Well, maybe not your general description, but the cape and phone booth probably would. Sparky IS adorable, by the way...

    I think it is nice to learn a little bit about everyone here who cares to share, and I am in awe of all the different backgrounds and experiences everyone has. Thanks all!
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    I love hearing the diverse backgrounds of everyone here, plus our common love of the little scaly n sticky friends

    CrestieFan, while that seems pretty sucky that your ex-fiancee would not take you in sickness as in health, it probably is best to hear it before you are fully committed. And you and your little pup are super cute!
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    nice to meet everyone!!

    Quote Originally Posted by CrestieFan1 View Post

    @Last_Creature I also suffer with bad depression quite frequently and do similarly when I'm feeling down. I've even tried to commit suicide once (don't do that, trust me on that one) so if you ever need someone to talk to send me a PM on here and I'll do what I can to help even if it's just listen.

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    same goes for you Daniel... Ive been in this situation far too many times, therefore I can kinda relate to ya, so if you need anything, my PM is always open. (that goes for anyone on here).

    Im so sorry to hear that about your ex-fiance. also, so sorry for you ot being able to get into the military. Thanks for trying to save our country though. Sparky is adorable!
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    Thought i'd join in, because ive nothing better to do

    I'm Nic ( short for nicole ) 17 years old n I pretty much dont do anything unless its work or cooking. I dropped out of highschool due to not being very smart past 10th grade. As some of you I also suffer from depression / anxiety ( but hey who doesnt at this point ) i dont open up to many people so im not going to put much personal stuff about myself. Ive lived in 30 states, but currently located in a small town in Oregon called Astoria ( if youre a goony fan, its where that movie was filmed ) I have 7 siblings all which range from 5-18, ive got a dog, 2 cats, and i just recently got my first crested gecko ( i plan to own more as i progress on this journey) No idea what morph my crestie is ( if anyone is good at identifying that shoot me a pm <3 and ill send you a picture of my baby )
    former owner of 2 rex bunnies & 2 bearded dragons ( my bunnies unfortunately passed away after 10 years of hopping and the dragons had to get rehomed due to moving )

    Im a curious person and wont make that a secret as I do often ask questions when needed and sometimes panic over things that i dont need to panic over If anyones lookin for a friend im always open, im pretty lonely & blunt.


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