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Thread: 1 Gargoyle & 2 Beautiful Cresties 4 Sale (NY Pickup ONLY)

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    Default 1 Gargoyle & 2 Beautiful Cresties 4 Sale (NY Pickup ONLY)

    Hello All, I'm selling my three geckos. They have all been raised by me as hatchlings--all fed on a healthy repashy diet.
    **These geckos are for pickup only from my NY residence. I'm not shipping this anywhere. Each are in different sized enclosures. I will sell those as well if you are interested when you pick them up.

    Email me for details:

    Gargoyle (Zeke) Male 39.5g $350
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    Crested (Guile) Female 49.6g $330
    She is super cute and the friendliest gecko I have ever seen--loves being held and is never snippy...ever.
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    Crested (Lestat) Male 58.2g $450
    This guy has been with me for a few years and is always getting bigger and bigger. When he's fired up, he's a real sight.
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    Only Lestat and Zeke left. Knocking $50 off each gecko!

    email me:
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