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    I hope this is not an odd question to ask here I know someone here can relate somehow. To a non-technical person like me SEO can be a frustrating topic. All I know is that it contributes to the online success of a website. I want to hire prof SEO services to improve my website's ranking but I'm afraid that I only have a small budget and I donít know the qualifications of an efficient company. I just want to know if a non-technical person like me can do SEO on my own and do you have an idea how SEO campaign management costs?

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    You can do a basic SEO . There are tutorials online. But, it is better to get an online marketing service provider to be able to get more leads. They can help you with internet tools to promote your site.

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    So, you're suggesting that I save up first to get someone who knows what they're doing? That makes sense. I'd probably just waste money with those people offering cheap deals. How much do you think will the SEO services of a company like DemandWave cost?


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