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Thread: Shade MBD crestie update! Also calculations?

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    Yeah that syringe measures 0.1, 0.05 and 0.01 measurements. The single longer line between the numbered 0.1 measurements gives you 0.05 increments (for example 0.05, 0.15 ect). You can see how hard it is to just get just 0.019!.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeoHiccup View Post
    So 0.019ml into the mix of pangea Thank you so much! Working out how to measure that, now.
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    P.S does this go up by 0.005ml per tiny line under the 0.01ml line? So just under four lines would be the 0.019ml I need.
    Sorry to bother oyu so much :o
    In that second photo, I can see it is drawn up to 0.16. You want to draw it up so that the flat part of the rubber plunger touching the liquid is lined up just a hair (or half a hair, lol) to the second tiny line that you see on the syringe. Actually, you can probably get away with drawing right to the second line due to loss you will get of liquid being retained lining the bore of the syringe. With small volume dosages you need to take things into consideration that wouldn't affect the %loss of larger volumes as much.

    As Orchidilia mentioned, most of what you will dispense is what is drawn into the hub. To get as accurate of a dose as possible - first (while the tip stays in the liquid), draw the plunger back and forth a couple of times well past the amount you eventually aim to get. This is to clear air out from the tip. Then, while still in the liquid, draw up to that second *tiny* line. It will seem like almost nothing (this is less than a drop), but then deposit this into an empty dish (rub the tip along dish if needed to get it all off the syringe tip) and then mix the Pangea in.
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    Don't want to sound nosy, but I have been wondering how Shade is doing. Any update?

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