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Thread: Looking for specieal mantis

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    Default Looking for flower mantis

    I am looking for a tropical flower mantis like this one but i cant seem to find anywhere to buy oneName:  107_294701-W.jpg
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    Do you have much experience keeping mantids? Flower mantids in general tend to be a little more particular about care, but one that is more forgiving of keeper mistakes is the Indian Flower Mantis (Creobroter pictipennis):

    Regulations on mantids is a bit hazy and varies state to state. In general shipping between US states is technically only legal for native or naturalized mantids. Which is why if you look on something like ebay you will pretty much only find chinese, carolina, and european mantids and ootheca.

    A good place for more mantis info and where to connect with breeders would be on this forum:
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