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$799 ON SALE $499
Empty Back Pinstripe
Easily the nicest Envy offspring we have ever sold, this one is a knockout all the way around!

White Spot Extreme Harlequin
This big male is ready to breed and covered in pattern! A top of the line extreme harlequin with the white spot trait to boot!

Extreme Harlequin
Spearhead has always made some of our best extreme harlequins. This girl is certainly no exception.

$599 ON SALE $469
Neon Red Quadstripe
Still one of the nicest and rarest morphs around, you just canít beat a red quad!

C2 Yellow Phantom Pinstripe
Bright and clean this girl would be best paired with another C2 pinstripe, or a DARK male pin, like THIS guy.

Orange and White Flame
I donít normally sell many flames, but the bright white on this girls back kept her around a while!

Crowned Harlequin Pinstripe
The huge head and excellent crest length stand out on this gorgeous girl. She would be a great match for any pinstripe project looking to add some pattern.

$299 ON SALE $219
Yellow and Cream Pinstripe Dalmatian
I love the look of black spots over a light yellow/cream pin.

$279 ON SALE $179
Lavender and White Harlequin
Lavender pinstripes are not uncommon, but high end lavender harlequins are almost unheard of.

$299 ON SALE $249
Pineapple Line Inkspot Superdalmatian
This girl is from my favorite 2016 Superdalmatian pairing! At just $249, she is one of the best priced geckos from this bloodline. Her and THIS unrelated male would be a powerhouse breeding pair!

$199 ON SALE $159
Red Partial Pinstripe
Another female with great color at an unbeatable price!
EDIT:This girl dropped her tail after his pictures were taken. Her price has been adjusted to reflect this.

$199 ON SALE $89
Red Harlequin