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Thread: Happy Holidays/Thanksgiving!

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    Default Happy Holidays/Thanksgiving!

    I know there are many of you outside the US who don't celebrate this particular holiday, but even if you don't I hope you take a moment to slow down from the grind of life, reflect on the great things you have in life and keep your loved ones close, letting them know how much you care. While I try to always keep these things in mind, especially this time of year, I lost my grandfather yesterday so it hits a little closer to home this year to not take anything for granted.

    I am also gonna give an extra round of bugs to my gex on this holiday of full tummies, and cherish each member of my non-human family as well

    Happy holidays to all!
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    Happy holidays to you too! I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. It always sucks to lose so,some in your family, epsecially someone who is the reason you're here. I bet your gex will love you for the extra bugs lol.

    My sister is coming tomorrow from 400 miles away with my nephews, so this will he a great thanksgiving.
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    How were your Christmases? Happy new year everyone!


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