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Thread: Baby Western Hognose refusing food, fussy

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    Default Baby Western Hognose refusing food, fussy

    I've had him for 2 weeks now, acquired him in the tank with everything he was used to and have not changed anything. He's on super fine aspen substrate, has a water bowl on the cooler side of the tank. Warm side runs about 89 when the light is on, 80ish when off. Cool side is 72-75. He's very active, burrowing, exploring, climbing the sides of the tank, etc. I was told that he was a really good eater and had a great attitude. The last he ate would have been Oct 23.

    He wasn't fed the week I got him b/c pick up was arranged the day he would usually eat and we didn't want to have a stress regurgitation issue. I tried to feed a f/t pinkie (what I'd been told he readily eats) a few days later and he did typical hognose defensive huffing and hissing. I left it in a dish and he checked it out but ignored it. I waited a week and tried again and still no luck, just very angry hissing and charging away. Like last time I left it in a dish for him and he instead was climbing the walls and circling his cage. I haven't been able to get a weight on him as any time the lid is removed from the cage he gets hissy and slips right off a hook. He has even been known to get hissy if someone stands near his tank.

    I tried this last time scenting with hard boiled egg and even put a small piece in the dish with the pinkie but he completely ignores the food. I have not seen him drink at all, so I'm not sure if missing water is due to evaporation or he's actually drinking. Looking for suggestions as I really don't want anything to happen to him or to stress him out worse than he already may be.

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    I had the same issues with my hognose...I ended up giving him to an owner that breeds her own mice so that she could feed him live pups, which he would more readily eat. Mine ate off tongs (f/t properly thawed, then "zombie walked") for maybe 3 months, then went on hunger strikes for 1-3 months at a time. I eventually got him to eat a f/t fuzzy mouse IF I offered every other week, zombie walked it around in the front of his tub to get his attention, then left it when he started approaching. I'd say I had a 50% success rate if that. I had the most success offering live rat pinks (which I did 3 times) he never refused those.

    Good luck!
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