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Thread: Corn keeps pooping on me

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    Default Corn keeps pooping on me

    I just posted about this snake last week haha.

    Same corn snake. I got her about 2-3 weeks ago. She's 3ft long and very sweet. A little skittish when I take her out but once she's out she's fine. Very adventurous. But every time without fail she poops on me. And the last time she ate was last Sunday. I don't know how she had poop left. Because she poops on me about every other day. Is this because it's a new environment? She never pooped on her old owners who had little kids that held her. She poops about 5-10 minutes after being held then goes back to wandering.

    Amy suggestions? Because it smells rancid. My same boa never poops on me ;0;

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    Snakes (especially corns) will poop as a defense like thing. It's normal and there is nothing you can really do about besides waiting for her to know you.
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