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    Default NEED HELP!!!

    I don't know how, but today I caught a baby brown anole in my house. No idea where it came from, I live in arid Cali so I'm at a loss for words right now. I'm like 95% confident it isn't a normal fence lizard. Seen thousands of them and never seen anything like this living around here. It looks like a fresh hatchling. What do I need to do to care for it? I keep crested geckos and an E. vieillardi so I have some experience with lizards. So far I understand that I can feed it flightless fruit flies, and it needs full UV and a basking light. How big should its enclosure be? Thank you so much for any help.

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    Idk, brown anoles have been documented to be seen in the wild in CA (most maps seem to have them down south).

    Honestly i'd just return it to the wild. Animals captured from the wild and brought into captivity, usually end up dying from stress, etc.

    The only time i would EVER bring a wild animal into captivity is if it was injured, and even then, I'd surrender it to a organization designed to heal and rehabilitate wildlife so that it can be returned to it's habitat. I wouldn't keep it as a pet. Sorry to say.
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    I wouldn't agree to keep it either but if you'd like to as an experiment to documenr behavior of a wild animal in captivity A spare 12x12x18 with live plants will work anoles prefer a more humid enviorment so spray it down twice a day but you saod you live in the dryer parts of CA so maybe just once a day.
    Have CGD available and feed flightless fruit flies and small crickets every other day. Hope I could help!
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