Thank you! I might end up going with a terrarium with a different background, as I'll be trying to do a naturalistic viv and an outback themed one isn't really fitting, haha. But I'm glad to know the size I'm looking at is good.

I just bought a space heater today so I'm hoping that will be sufficient in keeping my cresties at a good temp without their current heat lamps and will be enough for my future leo's cold spot.

I'm also thinking of buying a ceramic statue of something like Vishnu or Kali (as these guys are from areas that have a sizeable hindu population) and creating some kind of neat hide with the statue on top. I'll of course share tons of progress pics once it's all in order!

Also went to a local pet store today that carries leos and their current stock looked quite healthy and were in actually decent conditions, so that may be a good option for purchasing as well considering I don't think urbangecko will be able to ship a leo in Canadian January temps :P

Thanks for all the help everyone!