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Thread: Tiny Bark anole (its about an inch long)

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    Default Tiny Bark anole (its about an inch long)

    Ive never had a lizard before (wasnt really expecting to get one either) is it normal for them to bury themselves for over 24 hours? Climb the glass of the cage? Refuse to eat for days?

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    Welcome to Pangea. I also acquired an anole (I'm pretty sure it's a Cuban brown anole) that I wasn't planning to get (it showed up in some ornamental grasses that an acquaintance got). What I've observed so far:
    It spends most of its time on the cork bark pieces I've put up for it. I haven't ever seen it on the ground
    I've never seen it eat, but I don't see any crickets in the enclosure and I see poops in the enclosure so I guess it's eating.

    The big question is whether or not you have the appropriate setup. Ideally, based on my research, the anole should have things to climb on, a florescent full-spectrum light as well as a basking light.


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    Also have lots of hanging plants and some ground plants for them to hide and feel secure in. Being buried under the soil indicates that it's too dry for the anole, they like fairly high humidity so make sure to mist the cage heavily a few time a day to keep the humidity up.
    I have no idea if anoles burry their eggs but if its female she could be laying eggs but again, I've no idea of they burry their eggs or not.
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