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Thread: Happy Hatchday Urmel!

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    Wow, he is gorgeous! Love that stripe down his back, I wonder if he will get redder in the base. Do you know what his parents looked like? Chewies can change so much from hatchling to adult, please keep sharing more photos as he develops more
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    He has a lot of orange lining his belly and on the underside of his tail. I think the brown on his back will gradually turn green. I do not have pictures of his parents, I picked him based on baby pics alone and let him surprise me. Urmel is an F2 Pine Island chewie produced by Steve Cemelli / Leapin' Leachies. Steve was too busy to send me pics of Urmel's parents when I bought him, but maybe I can ask him to send me some pics when he gets around to it (?). Anyway, I am super happy with Urmel, he is developing very well and has the sweetest gecko personality.

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