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Thread: Day Gecko CGD only

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    Default Day Gecko CGD only

    I am interested in getting a Giant Day gecko. Can they only eat CGD? Or do they also need bugs. If they do need bugs, what are some good geckos(I already have a crestie) that do well on CGD only?

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    Giant day geckos are very, very high maintanence and are recommended for intermidiate level reptile keepers just because they have so many need and are a very fragile species, I've owned reptiles for 11 years and I still shy away from giant day geckos just because their so picky.

    But if you do want to take the plunge into it then you'll need lots if money for all their special lighting and stuff.

    Best bugs for them are crickets, dubia roaches, and phoenix worms along with repashy day gecko food (it's pretty much the same as repashy Crested gecko dot but it's sweeter and has more sugar which day geckos love)

    They do require bugs as part of their diet as they can't get all the essential nutrients out of repashy DGD or pangea alone, honestly, the mush should only be fed 3-4 times a week with bugs the rest of the week but a lot of keepers just have DGD or CGD available for them to eat whenever
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