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Thread: Offshoot of Reptile Show Thread...

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    Default Offshoot of Reptile Show Thread...

    Would everyone like to post their reptile show impulse buys? Also post if it was a good choice or not...

    My first ever Reptile show, I bought Nosy. She is my pride and joy, but certainly not what I'd consider a first choice in pythons. We made out all right though because I'd done some research beforehand. I knew I wanted one, I just wasn't prepared for one that day!

    Second reptile show, I brought home two milk snakes. Both had kinked backs, and were super cheap because of it. After I saw someone contemplating breeding them, I snatched them up. They were gorgeous, but I can't stand critters that poop on me every time I hold them. I will never again own a colubrid, a bird, or any other animal with loose bowels. These two are currently living on opposite sides of the country in loving homes.

    The last show I went to, I bought Harley. I was looking for something to fill an empty tank, but had no idea I'd go home with a crestie, let alone something so small. I had to stop at petsmart on the way home to buy a cage and food. I hate doing that, but I think the photos speak for themselves.

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    lol of course mine is my little Uroplatus ebenaui, I had done research on them prior but wasnt really planning to get on that day. I saw her with a couple of other leaf-tail species and I couldnt pass her up. Definitely a good decision, great little gecko.


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    beautiful animals guys, thanks for sharing!
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    Those pueblans look soo much like young ringed pythons in the picture! If it wasnt for that second picture, I would have been fooled!


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